Student Cameras

There are three student cameras in each of the videoconference-equipped lecture rooms. One of the cameras is set to a wide shot of all of the students, and two cameras will automatically frame students when they ask questions.
When a student microphone button is pressed, the camera will frame the area where the student question came from. A second camera will frame the second person to press the microphone button and the cameras will alternate each time a student microphone button is pressed thereafter. When the student’s microphone is live, the framed video of the student is available for the lecturer to see on the confidence monitor (this is the only way the lecturer will be able to see the student if the live mic is at the remote site). The students at the local site will also see the remote student on the large screen.
When the student microphone is turned off, the screen will show either the wide shot of the students in the room or the next student camera, if there is another question or comment in the queue.