Intellectual Output 1 – IS language framework for digital and ICT

The first intellectual output aims to develop a comprehensive language framework for international sign (IS) focused on the digital and ICT field. This language framework will comprise of a directory formed by at least 500 words and phrases from the digital and ICT sector.

EU Sign Languages Infographic – N2

EU Sign Languages Infographic – N3


Intellectual Output 2 – E-glossary and knowledge sharing platform

The second IO will be aimed at developing the e-glossary and a digital learning platform that will host the educational contents produced by the partnership.



Intellectual Output 3 – Guidelines for the inclusion of D/deaf workers in ICT settings

The third and last IO will aim at developing a document laying down the guidelines for the inclusion of d/deaf workers in professional settings, as a result of the project experience complemented by the expertise of the partners and the view of the target groups/stakeholders involved.