Produção Intelectual 1 - Estrutura linguística da língua gestual para a área digital e das TIC

The first intellectual output aims to develop a comprehensive language framework for international sign (IS) focused on the digital and ICT field. This language framework includes of a directory formed by at least 500 words and phrases from the digital and ICT sector.

EU Sign Languages Infographic – N2

EU Sign Languages Infographic – N3


Intellectual Output 2 – E-glossary and knowledge sharing platform

The second IO aims at developing the e-glossary and a digital learning platform that hosts the educational contents produced by the partnership.



Produção Intelectual 3 Diretrizes para a inclusão de trabalhadores S/surdos em ambientes de TIC

The third and last IO aims at developing a document laying down the guidelines for the inclusion of d/deaf workers in professional settings, as a result of the project experience complemented by the expertise of the partners and the view of the target groups/stakeholders involved.


The White Paper

The Project White Paper was created by the EU digital framework for the Sign Languages project consortium to present, develop and provide research in the digital field and its new expressions. The main goal of this guide is to explain a new “smart” and fast methodology, “microlearning”, that both can be applied in digital subjects and uses digital devices.

Download the White Paper